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About Me

👋🏼 I'm Luis Ricardo La Torre aka lulato, a visual designer focusing on interactive experiences. I help business leaders prototype and test new digital products.
Luis Ricardo La Torre aka lulato


As a son of a Hare Krishna backpacker and a Peruvian Diplomat is hard to pinpoint where home really was, but I was born in Lima, Peru. A lot of my early childhood was homeschooled and jumping between schools all over Latin America.

Moving to the USA

When I was 14 years old my mom took the leap of traveling with the Hare Krishna movement to Florida. I found myself living part of my high school days between the Gainesville area and Miami.

College in Ohio

I was lucky enough to get accepted into a few art schools before deciding to attend Columbus College of Art & Design, where I surrounded myself with some of the most creatives that I have met.

Miami Tech

After college, when smartphones were getting popular, I really got hooked into the tech scene in Miami. I got involved in designing experiences for small startups for a few years before landing one of the most consequential jobs at Royal Caribbean Digital transformation.

Current Status

I'm currently designing experiences at Method and I help code students with their CSS troubles. Need some help?